Concierge service and short-term rental management in Charente

Much more than just a management service, La Conciergerie de Laura is your ideal and trusted partnerWe offer a turnkey concierge and management service in the Charente region, enabling you to choose a single professional for the entire service. 

Laura’s Concierge takes care of everything and offers you a professional and efficient service for a complete airbnb concierge service! You won’t have to do a thing apart from collect the rent.

To meet the new and growing expectations of tenants/travellers, cope with changing regulations and the complexity of settings on booking platforms, calling on our Concierge Service is becoming a major asset for the profitability of your short-term rental.

As your single point of contact, we offer you a wide range of personalised, cost-effective services. We act as a link between each player in the rental business.  

Our concierge and management services

conciergerie et gestion locative en Charente
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Beforehand, La Conciergerie de Laura can help you furnish and equip your home. We’ll then give you all the tips and advice you need to make your accommodation as comfortable as possible for future travellers.

We’ll create the advert you need to advertise your property for rent:

  • Air BnB services 7/7: writing, updating and multi-distribution of advertisements on numerous platforms, optimisation and synchronisation of calendars
  • Reservation management using professional hotel software and price optimisation
    depending on the period, management of payments, including credit card payments
  • Assistance and concierge services for your travellers 7 days a week, hotel services on request,
    maintenance if required
  • Management of hotel-quality cleaning and linen

Because being available for travellers is essential, we are there to respond to any assistance and needs 7 days a week and offer personalised hotel and concierge services.

We promote and publicise your accommodation to tourism bodies and local businesses. The advert will be published on a number of platforms and sent to major companies.

Finally, we offer you personalised support, advice and practical information to ensure the success of your holiday rental. We’ll take care of tourist tax declarations, the classification of your furnished tourist accommodation, labelling, etc.


The Airbnb concierge service is responsible for managing seasonal and short-term rentals.

It ensures that operations continue correctly and on time, that any problems are properly dealt with and that everything goes according to plan for
every traveller.

Whether it’s greeting, cleaning, advertising, handing over keys, managing bookings or communicating with travellers, an Airbnb concierge manages absolutely everything for the owner.

La Conciergerie de Laura offers you a complete A to Z management package, including all the services required for short-term rental.

Our services are comprehensive, carried out by hotel professionals using high-performance management tools. Our services go far beyond the expectations of owners, who trust us to manage the rental of their property on their behalf.

Each responds to very specific values, expectations and wishes. Choosing Laura’s Conciergerie means above all choosing a company and a team that are 100% local and committed to the Charente region.

It also means choosing human values rather than numbers, a genuine welcome rather than a lockbox, and a committed, close-knit team rather than people you don’t know.

Choosing Laura’s Concierge Service means choosing direct bookings and encouraging contact with our local businesses, rather than using booking platforms.

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